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If you would like to receive notification prior to exhibits and craft shows in your area, please send me your EMail and/or street address in a note by clicking here. Only requests which include your full name, not just your userid, will be accepted. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone else.

E-Mail Contacts

Click to send note to Bob Chatelain To contact me concerning a purchase, a visit to my studio in northern Vermont, or any question about Hybrid Turning call 802-238-9481 or send an E-mail by clicking my photo.

Please contact us if you encounter problems using this site. Dianne, Dahli and Hoi at Big Spring, April 2004To contact the webmistress directly, click the photo of Cooper, executive office assistant, or the photo of Dianne with Dahli and Hoi at Big Spring, MO after a rain storm. Executive Assistant, Cooper

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Links to Woodturning & Other Sites
The Center for Art in Wood A non-profit organization which supports and develops the field of lathe-turned art
American Association of Woodturners The AAW mission is to provide education, information, and organization to those interested in turning wood.
The Mason Collection at the Mint Museum One of the finest collections of turned-wood art. Many artists are represented. The photos are great.
Collectors of Wood Art "CWA is a non-profit organization dedicated to elevating wood art, including turned objects, sculpture and furniture, to the stature of fine art."
Guerra Paint and Pigment NYC supplier of pigments, mica and metal powders
Johannes Michelsen A master turner in my book. Johannes creates wooden hats from burls, and also teaches.
Mister Art Online supplier of metal leaf and powders and mica powders
System Three GelMagic Main structural epoxy component of inlay
Tony Ward Sculptured boxes from Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia
Wilensky Minerals An online mineral gallery. Beautiful -- fluorite, quartz, tourmaline...
Woodturning Artists on the Web Steve Worcester's list of woodturning links
Woodturning Online A comprehensive web site dedicated to providing information and resources to wood turners worldwide. The site is maintained by Dennis Daudelin and Richard DiPerna.