Howden, Bosworth & Company were operating a mill on River Street in 1868 when this quotation was written to George Ferguson about building window blinds for the Starksboro Meeting House in nearby Starksboro, Vermont.  The blinds were built and installed, and remained in place until about 1916 when they were removed for the installation of stained glass windows.  Howden, Bosworth & Company were part of a succession of businesses that ended up being the Bristol Manufacturing Company.



Arthur Kilbourn operated a grist mill and feed store in Bristol in back of the south part of the business block for many years.


  These calendars were purchased at his estate auction in the mid 60's. I can't remember the year, but I was quite young, riding my bike to the auction down the railroad bed from the village. 




I found this cool vase for sale on E-Bay but resisted the urge to add more clutter to the house.  This vase was advertised as being about the height of a toothpick holder.


It may very well be a novelty piece for customers of the dental practice William "Bill" Cardell, who practiced dentistry in Bristol for many years.  The picture on the vase looks more turn of the century however.


His dental practice was at one point in the Norton House.  The chair was set in the tower on the southeast side of the house. Prior to some renovations to that room you could still see the markings on the floor where the chair sat.


Many people, including my father, have told me about coming to see the dentist and sitting in the chair in the tower at our house.




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