"The Norton House"

The People

During the late 1800's and early 1900's, the house was occupied by Dr. and Mrs. A. W. Norton.

Mrs. Norton was the younger sister of Alma Cardell Curtin, wife of  Jeremiah Curtain, an internationally known linguist who lived from 1838 to 1906.

The Curtin's visited Vermont often and stayed at the Norton House while in the state.





The House


The house started out as a Greek Revival style house typical of the houses that were being built at the time it was constructed, about 1840.  The photo above is dated May 28, 1890.  Many examples are still around up and down the street.


About 1900, the house was extensively renovated. The roof line was raised for a full second floor.

The house is inventoried in The Historic Architecture of Addison County,  for Bristol, and described as follows:

House, c. 1850/1894 Queen Anne style, wood shingle, gable roof, 2 1/2 stories.  Features: unusual window, applied woodwork, gablescreen, stickwork, side tower, finial, Queen Anne window, Queen Anne porch, decorative rafter tails.   Related stable, c. 1894. Features: parapet.

The house is photographed on page 51 of the book with the following caption:

A Dr. Norton remodeled a small Classic Cottage into a mansion with gablescreens, sweeping porches, and a corner tower with a conical cap.

A further description is in the  inventory notes generated by the Historic Preservation study for the history booklet.



The Property

The lot has changed shapes many time during the growing of Bristol village.



The Neighborhood

Another Queen Anne style house was built at the same intersection as the Norton House. It was built about the same time that our house was extensively remodeled.  Today it is a Bed and Breakfast.




We have collected quite a few postcards of the house



Postcard dated Nov 29, 1909



Postcard dated Aug 13, 1910


Postcard dated Apr 11, 1913



Undated postcard


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