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We're part of the underdog movement that's making Miller and Anheuser-Bush so nervous. We brew a unique batch every time. But don't worry, no need to develop repeatability since they're all great (I think).

Ready for some brew? Let Fat Cat Brewing tell you more about our operations.

The Mash
Our brews are custom formulated grain mashes crafted at our brewery using the finest ingredients obtained locally at Vermont Homebrewing Supply. The process begins with mashing in grains and setting the temperature required for conversion of the sugars necessary to ferment. This process has grown from the tradition of enamelware to stainless technology.  The wort is converted and monitored with a digital thermometer built to Ken Schwartz's design.

The Sparge
After conversion the wort is sparged, or rinsed. The lauter tun is fed from an insulated liquor tank with a spray ring assembly made at the brewery. Flow control of runoff is by a ball valve with it's handle modified with a dial for repeatable settings.

The Boil
Wort is accumulated into the pot for boil. Through the success of our operations to date, we have been able to reinvest capital into a two burner gas grille that allows greater flexibility and efficiency with our operations. With the flexibility of this new piece of equipment, we are considering starting specialty classes of beer like the patio class or the cellar class.

The Fermentation
Once the boil is complete, the wort is ready for primary fermentation in a glass carboy. Glass is usually used for secondary, with occasional secondary fermentation done in corny kegs as well.

We presently have limited yeast ranching capabilities and develop yeast strains for parallel pitching. Capital expenditures have recently included a pressure cooker for improved ranching capabilities.

The Finished Product
The finished product is both bottled and kegged, depending on demand. Bottling includes traditional conditioning techniques and pressure transfer of keg carbonated product. Keg products directly from corney kegs are available on a limited basis.

Storage facilities include limited refrigeration capability for bottles or kegs. We also have natural cooling capability when weather allows. Digital Controls have been installed to maximize natural cooling year round. 

Fat Cat on-line resources include some of our preferred Brew Links on the web. Our brewing system and methodology is further described in Brewhouse Mechanics. Some of our recipes and formulations are reviewed in Recipes and Evaluation.

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