Hanson Family History

George Bidwell  (1756 - 1840)

George Bidwell and Horace Kellogg were the first settlers in Starksboro, Vermont.  They came to Starksboro in 1788.  George Bidwell also served in the Revolutionary War in Captain Abraham Sedgwick's company, Connecticut service.

Joel V. Carpenter  (1845 - 1907)

Joel Carpenter served in the Vermont 9th & 4th Infantry during the Civil War.  A letter of his that was written while at Richmond, Virginia and and his discharge paper can be seen on Vermont Civil War page.

Edward Gove  (1630 - 1691)

In the late 1600's, Edward Gove lived in Hampton, New Hampshire. Hampton was under the control of a repressive Governor at the time.  He was found guilty of trying to incite a rebellion. He was sentenced to death but had to be sent back to England for the sentence to be carried out. In England he was sent to the Tower of London and eventually pardoned. He returned to Hampton where he lived until he died. Details of his story can be seen as the Hampton, New Hampshire Library page.

Elijah Wentworth  (1758 - 1825)

Elijah Wentworth served in the Connecticut Continental Line during the Revolutionary War.