Apgar - Hanson Genealogy

We have recently begun to gather information from various sources on our girl's family history.

The Apgar Line is from Germany and descends through immigrant Johannes Peter Apgar (Epgert) from Epgert, Germany.  Johannes was born in 1714.  He came to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1734 on board the ship "Hope".  The emigration from Germany is believed to be caused by a combination of local wars, heavy taxes, and harsh winters.  It was also encouraged by the British government.  It is also believed that Johannes' last name was Epgert, since he lived in Epgert, Germany.  He was registered as Apgard on the ship's list, and the name was later changed to Apgar.

The Hanson Line is from England and descends through immigrant Thomas Hanson from London, England.  Thomas was born about 1614, and is believed to be identical to the Homas Hanson of London. He is a 12th generation descendant of Roger De Rastrick, of Rastricke in Yorkshire, who was living in 1251.  Thomas settled in Dover, New Hampshire and lived there until he died, about 1666.

John De Rastrick, who is a 5th generation descendant of Roger De Rastrick, was granted the surname of Hanson by an act of Parliament in 1330.

Information we have or have found out on some of our ancestors making up the Hanson line is on the Family History Page.

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