Jeremiah Curtin

An internationally known linguist who lived from 1838 to 1906.

Curtin, Jeremiah, American linguist and antiquarian: b. Milwaukee, Wis., 1838; d. Burlington, Vt., 14 Dec. 1906.  He wrote; 'Myths and Folklore of Ireland'; 'Tales of the Fairies and the Ghost World'; 'Myths and Folk-Tales of the Russians, Western Slavs, and Magyars'; 'Hero Tales of Ireland'; etc.  He has translated much from Russian and Polish, and is widely known by his translations of the novels of Sienkiewicz as listed in the 1910 printing of The Americana.
 His visits to Vermont were written about by Leonard Twynham in the December, 1931 issue of The Vermonter.

The Bristol Historical Society also has biographical information on Jeremiah Curtin and his wife Alma Cardell Curtin at Howden Hall.

The following is a report Lisa wrote about him:

Jeremiah Curtin had his study in my room.  He got paid to translate languages.  He knew 60 languages.  He once worked at the Smithsonian Institute.  He was born in Detroit, Michigan.  He went to Russia after he graduated from college.  He had typhoid fever and pneumonia on December 12, 1891 but he recovered. When his friend died he stayed at our house for 6 months instead of traveling all over Vt.

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