I've had my Effie since July 1975.

I bought 2 more to keep it company the next summer.



This is the bill of sale for the original truck that I bought.

This is the truck that I am running today



This is the bill of sale for number 2 and number 3.

  These were mostly used for parts, even tough I ran one of them for a while.

 I had the engine out of these parts trucks I was running rebuilt for my truck.

 It is still powering my truck.


While re-doing the cab the second time I found this receipt for gas in it.

Gas was sold to Wadhams & Gray of Hartford CT on December 14, 1954.

They bought 10.8 gals of gas for $2.40, which is 22.2 cents per gallon.

This would be the same as paying $1.58 in 2005 dollars.

(Click on it to see a larger image)


Working Truck

I used my truck for a lot of totin' after we bought our house. The cab has been redone red, but the fenders were a temporary thing.

Being Re-done for the Second Time

The truck is being re-done 20 years later. The color will be ther original Meadow Green. (Taking some time out for a brewing session)

Being Re-done for the Second Time

A second look

Back on the Road

It has been redone and back working. I have a box for it but haven't fixed it up yet, so it has a wood bed.



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