THE SUNDAY SCHOOL: The Sunday School session usually begins and ends with a FUN field trip. Children from age three and up beginning with Worship in the sanctuary - then downstairs for their lessons following the Children’s Time of the service. The Sunday School year is from September (the Sunday following Labor Day) through the third Sunday in May. All are welcome. Ask Deborah Lavigne, Peggy Gates or Anne White about this. If you are a guest with children they are invited to go downstairs with the others for classes. Or if you are an adult you are welcome to join them downstairs at 9:15 a.m.

THE LADIES AID: All women of the congregation (You need not be a member of the church) are welcome to this group that meet monthly (excluding June). Most meetings begin with a Pot Luck Supper. Please join us when you can. Meetings are always on the second Wednesday of the month except December when they meet on the third Wednesday. Meetings are announced at the worship service the Sunday before the scheduled meeting. This group does many fund raisers throughout the year that provide many services for the church; a pledge of $1,000 to the church’s current expenses; pay for the cleaning items and all paper products; provides coffee for all events and Sunday snack time; and provide camperships for children Covenant Hills or Sky Farm Summer camps. This group also sends Christmas Gifts Boxes & Valentine flowers to our shut-ins and cards for all occasions to members that are out of our area. The Upper Room daily devotional magazines on the back rail are for all who want a copy. These are also provided by the Ladies Aide.

THE YOUTH GROUP: At this time there is not a group here. We continually look for a leader to work with these wonderful young people. They are the future of this church.

AD/COUNCIL AND TRUSTEES: Meetings are announced the Sunday before. Ad / Council is the first Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m. This is where decisions are made for our church. Anyone may attend. The Trustees are elected and meet the third Monday of the month at 6 p.m.

FUND RAISERS: (1) Chicken Pie Suppers are held on the first Thursday of October each year. This is our largest project earning funds for the church’s current expenses. There are three settings - noon, 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. the workers are people of the congregation. The foods (except the chicken) are solicited from members of the congregation. (2) Sugar on Snow is usually held in March. The dates fluctuates so as not to interfere with Palm Sunday of Easter. Again volunteers provide the foods, cook and serve the meal. A great treat! (3) Lawn Fest is held on a Saturday in September. Spaces are sold to vendors and each group of the church are invited to hold a sale. A very festive time as tourists are traveling by and many stop to purchase some of the items. (4) Corn Chowder Luncheon and Open House is a popular event held by the Ladies Aide on a Saturday following the Annual Chicken Pie Supper. More about this is posted as the date nears. (5) Take Out Dinners were started in 2008. A Turkey and a Pork Roast dinner (served on different dates.) These dinners require very little work, since no tables to set up or waitresses or waiters are needed for serving, etc.

FUN, FAITHFUL FOLKS: A craft group that meet the second Tuesday of the month to share craft projects. Some of these projects are made for our church sales or for missions. The meetings begin at 10 & end following a tasty lunch put on by two or more of the group. The lunches are provided by two different people at each meeting.

AAA: Groups meet here on Mondays at 7 p.m., Tuesdays & Fridays at Noon.

THE PENNY BANK IN THE FRONT OF THE SANCTUARY (From January 1 - December 31st): Do pennies seem to clutter car ashtrays, catchall drawers, or get thrown into a dish, and other places throughout the house? We encourage you to bring them for the penny bank. We then send this money to “Heifer Project International.” Helping the hungry families feed themselves and care for the earth. Then they pass on to another family a share of their bounty, that family then does the same.

THE BIRTHDAY BANK IN THE FRONT OF THE SANCTUARY (From January 1st - December 31st): On the last Sunday of each month everyone is encouraged to put their name and date of birthday (for the following month) in one of the baskets on the back rail. We sing Happy birthday on the first Sunday of the month to those people. The Bank is an opportunity to place one cent for each year of your life in. That money is sent to ‘Covenant Hills Summer Camp’ for children. The camp program starts with days camps for the younger children and overnight for others. Many children from the congregation have attend ‘covenant Hill and Sky Farm.

THE GIFT BOX NEXT TO THE PIANO: A collection of gifts (art supplies, stickers, color books, crayon, juice boxes, etc.) are for children at O.U.R. House. These children have been in difficult situation and sometimes abused. Virginia Martin can give you more information on the great things that are done there. One United Response

THE DISASTER COLLECTION ENVELOPES (envelopes in the pews): This collection is taken each Sunday at Worship time. The funds collected are used in disaster areas locally, nationally or internationally. After a disaster happens the Administrative Board usually votes on how much and where to send the funds.

MEMORIAL FLOWERS: Contributions are collected during Lent - the names of the contributors and the names of those to be remembered are included in the Easter Bulletin each year. This fund provides flowers for special Sundays throughout the year. See Anne White for special requests.

HOLY COMMUNION: Holy Communion is served the first Sunday of each month as well as Silent Communion on Christmas Eve.

CHRISTMAS EVE SILENT COMMUNION: Enter the candle lit sanctuary with Christmas music playing softly. The time is usually 7 - 8:30 p.m. Keep watch of the bulletin announcements for any change in time, etc. You can enter whenever you want, meditate and go to the altar rail when you are ready for Communion. Return to your seat for more meditation or exit the sanctuary. This is a peaceful time to slow down and think about the real meaning of Christmas.

SHROVE TUESDAY/ASH WEDNESDAY - On the eve of Ash Wednesday a Pancake Supper is held at 6 p.m. The men do the cooking and serving. Following supper is a brief Worship Service as we prepare for the Lenten Season.

EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE AND BREAKFAST: The Sunrise Service is held at the Blush Hill country Club (outside) at 7 a.m. on Easter morning. The breakfast follows at the Congregational Church or Wesley United Methodist Church in Waterbury or at Waterbury Center Community Church.. You need to check your weekly bulletin to see which church is doing the Sunrise Service and/or the Breakfast. Then return to your church for the Easter Sunday Worship Service.