Cunningham's Home Page

Thanks for coming to visit.

This is the home page of Bruce and Donna Cunningham. We live in a unique house (designed by Bruce), in the forest at about 1,400 feet elevation on Texas Hill in Hinesburg, Vermont. We have four adult children who live elsewhere. Corrie, a Border Collie, lives with us and we also have a big black cat in the garage. Coda eats dog food and the big black cat eats gas, oil, and money.

Here's a picture of the cat at its birthplace in Coventry, England.

1952 Jaguar XK120 OTS

This is not a show car. During the driving seasons (no salt on the roads), we drive her an average of more than 6,000 miles per year. This is an original car - lots of mechanical work to get it in good running condition but no real restoration stuff.



This is the newest addition to our British iron – a 1979 T140D Triumph Bonneville Special

Bruce is an independent advocate for several issues. See the “Lobbying issues” section in the index at left for details.

Bruce also does a little inventing sometimes. Here's a picture of his CycleCraft.

This a bicycle-powered pontoon boat. You can put your own bike on it in just a few minutes and cruise at about 5 mph on the water. The steering is by the handlebars and the rear wheel powers a propeller mounted on the rudder. The bike gears can be used to select your preferred level of effort and speed. The rudder/propeller can be rotated through 360 degrees (60 deg. turn of the handlebars turns the rudder/propeller 180 deg. to drive the craft in reverse).

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