Here are a few pictures and some information about some of the members of the Poughkeepsie High School class of 1958.

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Dom, then and now

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Bruce Cunningham, then and now


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Neil Hawkins then and with wife, Elena, now.

Stuart Weiss (I'm sure a lot of folks do/will remember Stuart) and me

The following tells a bit about what little I've done (or not done, as the case may be) since graduation. It's a crazy little blurb I sent to 1st Books Library as part of trying to get my first fantasy novel published (The Book in the Loft) - If any of you were in my English classes, you know that Mrs. Evans and Ms. Stevens (was that her name?) would drop their . . . .if they knew I finally learned my ABC's.

A native of Poughkeepsie, New York, he attended the University of Stockholm, Sweden, later receiving a BA degree from the University of Minnesota and an MS degree from Peabody Teachers College. Since early childhood he has been intrigued and fascinated with flights of reality and fantasy - when at the age of 5 he "saw from space" the planet Earth in all its detail - 12 years before Sputnik; 24 years before Apollo! An out-of-body flight of the soul? Perhaps, but what he described those many years ago was not a simple dream or make believe, as it became "reality" many years later when satellites and men orbiting the earth gave identical descriptions. His dreams of flight became reality during his career as an Air Force officer; and his dreams of fantasy became reality when, following his military career, he spent 7 years in "another world" - Russia, where he taught English for 3 years at 2 institutes of higher learning. During that time he married a wonderful Russian woman, and it was then he decided to take their love affair and their "two different worlds," and mix them with his imagination in a fantastic story that took them both through time and space. He and his wife now reside on this world in Spokane, Washington, but hope some day to return to their city on the mighty Volga River.

Because of our current, rather unstable situation here in Spokane - not knowing whether or not we'll still be here next year, or back in Russia, or God only knows where - we will most likely not be able to attend the reunion. In any case, I wish all of you the very best - and if I don't see you in '03, I hope to make it in for our 50th. Take care, and God bless. Neil


Jerry Darrow: (current picture coming soon)

We have lived in North Carolina for the past 13 years after I retired from politics and prior to that, the Police Department.

We have two children and four grandchildren. My wife is retired from IBM, and my son lives in Oswego NY with his wife and three children while my daughter lives in Apex, NC with her husband and son. My son graduated from SUNY Brockport and is employed by the State of New York teaching autistic youth and my daughter graduated from the University of North Carolina and is a Radiation Therapist at a cancer hospital in Raleigh NC.

I am looking forward to attending the class reunion in '03, the Good Lord willing. I hope everybody can make it.

Peter Flynn, then and now

Here is a picture of my wife of 37+ years, Joan, with our two daughters Erin(31) (with the flowers in her hair) and Kristin(35).

 Bio info:

After teaching for several years I became a school administrator. Since 1978 I have been a superintendent of schools in four states - Scranton,Pa (8 years); Davenport,IA(8 years); Lexington,KY(5 years) and for the past 2.5 years here in Freeport,IL. For relaxation and fitness, I took up running when I turned 40 and have run 19 marathons since then, including Boston three times.

My wife Joan is an Artist and manages a family farm in Iowa. Erin is a Pre-school Teacher in Philadelphia, who has also done some acting. Kristin is a Clinical Psychologist and lives in Chicago.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in October of '03.