Huntington River E-Coli / Water Quality

Latest News:


The Huntington Conservation Commission has conducted tests for E.coli contamination in the Huntington River throughout the summer since 2002.


Starting in summer 2006, the Huntington Conservation Commission began working with the Richmond Conservation Commission to sample the river in both the towns of Huntington and Richmond, Vermont.  The Huntington River Conservation Partnership was born.


All samples are collected once a week between 6:30 and 7:30 AM.   Samples are transported immediately to the State of Vermont Larosa Water Quality Lab (temporarily located on UVM campus in Burlington) for analysis.  Sample analysis is supported by a grant from the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources.


As a result of ongoing e.coli contamination detected though the work of the Huntington River Conservation Partnership

the Huntington River was recognized as impaired by the State of Vermont in 2006.




Sample laboratory analysis is generously supported by a Larosa Partnership Grant from the Vermont Water Quality Division, Dept. of Environmental Control. 


For more information, contact:   

Aaron Worthley,  434-7012